No pet owner wants to see their four-legged friends suffering with inoperable cancers, arthritis, chronic pain and more. These conditions can not only prevent your pets from maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle but they can also negatively affect their quality of life.


Unlike the traditional methods of treatment, which often lead to unfavourable side effects, the last few years of CBD research on humans have produced positive results with little to no sides effects at all. However just as with human medication, veterinary medication can also cause moderate to serious side effects such as liver and kidney damage; nonetheless, these drugs are still being prescribed by veterinarians, as there is no way to legally prescribe CBD.


 As of now these studies have moved on to pet species and thankfully have also shown the same type of positive results. Therefore allowing pets that would’ve typically been treated with synthetic veterinary drugs the opportunity to treat their conditions more naturally. While veterinarians are still not allowed to use CBD as medicine yet, the ability to lace or infuse edible treats with CBD to relieve pet’s symptoms, has been discovered and is becoming more widely recognized as a legitimate form of treatment.

So what does this mean for your pet?


With CBD already having the potential to treat a wide array of medial conditions, your pet will not only be able to experience relief but with no toxic harm. Research and personal testimonials have reported that pets suffering from anxiety, inflammation, pain, seizures, spasms, cancer etc, have symptoms that have dramatically improved or at minimum relieved a reasonable amount of their symptoms with virtually no side effects.


Show your pets how much you love them with a delicious 100% organic treat, designed to give relief.